It is important to understand the services that both obstetricians and gynecologists provide in order to make the right decision for your care:

What A Gynecologist Does

Gynecologists in Roanoke VA are primarily concerned with issues related to the female reproduction system and provide treatment and diagnosis. They offer preventive reproductive health care and will treat diseases related to the reproduction system.

They deal with contraception issues, fertility problems, hysterectomies and tubal litigations. Additionally they will diagnose and treat uterine and vaginal diseases or infections. This can be cancer of the cervix, fallopian tubes, ovaries, uterus, vagina and vulva.

Also they will diagnose and treat amenorrhea (which is the absence of menstruation), dysmenorrheal (which is painful menstruation), fungal, bacterial, protozoal or viral infections of the female reproductive organs, infertility and menorrhagia (which is heavy menstruation).

Full office gynecology in Roanoke VA includes pelvic examinations, tests for sexually transmitted diseases and infections, emergency contraception, contraceptive advice and services, PAP smears and pregnancy testing.

Gynecologists in Roanoke VA will normally confirm pregnancy in a woman and then she will be referred to an obstetrician.

What An Obstetrician Does

Obstetricians are primarily concerned with the health and well-being of pregnant women right through to childbirth. They are also concerned with the pre natal health of the fetus and the post natal health of the mother and they will monitor that she is recovering properly.

Obstetricians deal with a number of issues during the process of childbirth and these include obstetrical hemorrhages, fetal distress (this is where the fetus is compressed in the uterus), uterine ruptures and shoulder dystocia (this is where one of the fetus’ shoulders is stuck during the birth).

They also deal with ectopic pregnancy (this is where the embryo is in the Fallopian tubes), pre eclampsia (this is where hypertension causes convulsions), sepsis (this is an infection in the uterus either before or after childbirth), a prolapsed cord (this is where the fetus is at risk of suffocation) and placental abruption (this can be very serious and a patient can bleed to death if this is not properly treated).


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So What About An ObGyn?

An ObGyn in Roanoke VA is an obstetrician/gynecologist who has successfully completed the training in both the obstetrician and gynecology disciplines at the same time. This physician will have expertise in pregnancy and childbirth and the problems and disorders of the female reproduction system.

An ObGyn in Roanoke Valley will provide preventative care and pre natal care and can also advise on family planning and conduct tests for sexually transmitted diseases and PAP screening.

An ObGyn in southwest Virginia can act as a primary physician and they often operate as consultants to other specialized physicians. Many ObGyn’s have private practices and are able to offer office gynecological services to their patients.

If any kind of surgical procedure is required they can refer patients to specialists in this area.

There are strict educational and training requirements to become an ObGyn. The physician has to satisfy the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology (ABOG) that they have the knowledge and the competence to operate as an ObGyn.

When it comes to choosing a physician for women in Roanoke VA you need to consider what level of care that you are looking for. A number of private ObGyn practices will accept insurance plans such as Medicare and Medicaid but not all of them will. This practice will accept those plans.

Advantages Of Using An ObGyn                     

You can find a gyn in Roanoke VA or a gyn in Roanoke Valley that will take care of all of your gynecological needs. There are female gynecologists in Roanoke Virginia as well if you prefer this to a male gyn.

A lot of women choose to use an ObGyn if they are concerned that their pregnancy is a high risk one. This makes a lot of sense. But there are some other advantages to consider as well.

ObGyn’s will perform wellness and annual examinations and these are very important for the patient.

An ObGyn will take care of you every step of the way from family planning right through to pregnancy and the birth of your child. Your ObGyn will be someone that you can get to know and totally trust as they will have advised you every step of the way.

When you use an ObGyn you will never have to experience the hassle of a doctor who is late or doesn’t show due to delivering a baby. You will not have to wait for a very long time with a great number of pregnant women in a chaotic and large doctor’s office.

Once a woman has used the services of an ObGyn she is unlikely to want to change to a separate gynecologist and obstetrician. This is likely to be true for you too.